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Gindi TLV - The Site

It’s exciting to be part of something huge that’s happening, to be a partner in a historic moment and know that this opportunity will never repeat itself. You’re not about to skip it or miss it, but you live and love it. The Gindi Tel Aviv residential site brings just these reactions with it. Something huge is about to happen in Tel Aviv.

Raised above street level to give their residents an added sense of privacy, 11 buildings are spread out over 11,000 square meters.


The buildings’ impressive lobbies are designed by Tel Aviv’s top designers. The site will also include an expansive public park, a museum and primary school, a cluster of kindergartens, health & leisure club of the highest standards, and commercial areas for both the residents and visitors. All the best conditions for starting a new, exhilarating life in the heart of Tel Aviv.

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